Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yesterday was a pretty good day.

Isn't this a cool necklace? I joined Send the Trend, and some of the stuff is cool, some lame, just like you would expect. BUT, this necklace is just what I wanted. I wanted it right after I got my new job for sure, but it was sold out. I looked the other day and it was back in, so I snapped that puppy right up.

And a day with an awesome necklace, good food for lunch (pretzel crisps are yummy!), an extra coke kicking out of the machine when I bought one, and finding Mary Roach's new book "Packing for Mars" on the shelf while I was at work...all this made my usually boring Saturday very nice indeed!

Top - Avenue
Jeans that are horribly designed (for me) and require a super belt to cinch in the waist - Avenue
Shoes - Dexter

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