Friday, April 29, 2011

Electrodes on my head...not the best start to the day

Today I had the lovely fun of getting my blood drawn AND having an EEG done! (Sarcasm very much intended.) The first was un-fun because I have tiny little veins that like to run and hide. Time has shown that the only real place to draw my blood (without getting stuck a bajillion times) is from the veins on my hands. Which means a butterfly needle (needle without a syringe), which hurts like fire. The EEG is no big deal, I usually fall asleep after they make me do the usual (open and close my eyes and mouth, hyperventilate for a few minutes, shine a flashing light at me). But the paste....They have to attach all the electrodes to your scalp with this conductive paste that leaves a hideous mess in your hair. I rinsed it out there in the room with baby shampoo, but I'll need to wash it twice tomorrow morning to really feel clean.

Luckily the rest of the day was much better: Chinese with my mom and sister, a candy bar at work, dinner with the family, getting a necklace in the mail, and catching up on more of season 5 Doctor Who (whom I have dubbed the dippy Doctor, as opposed to the Kickass Doctor (9) and the Geeky Hot Doctor (10)).

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