Friday, April 15, 2011

Black, black, black is the color of my wardrobe

I would say at least a third of my wardrobe is black. It just...goes with everything. And it makes life so much simpler to be able to pair a bright top with black pants, or a black top with a super-charged skirt. But. Matching blacks is the bane of my life. Unless it's a two-piece swimsuit, two different black clothing items will never be the same shade. And this torques my obsessiveness massively. So, I've come to a personal compromise. I can pair blacks that are made of different materials, or I can pair heavy cotton/jersey tee shirt materials. But nothing else. It's the law (of Erin). And even though my hair looks black in these photos, it's still just a dark brown. My hair takes on a life of it's own in photos, just like my eyes. In real life, my eyes are blue-gray, but in photos they tend to look a blurry hazel brown unless it's a super clear and very well lit photo.

Top - Avenue
Pants - White Stag
Pashmina - Ebay
Necklace - JewelMint
Shoes - Dexter

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