Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Outfits

This was Saturday's work outfit, also known as "It's sort of gross outside and I want layers, but pretty ones." Driving to work, it was super, ultra foggy the whole way; Sherlock Holmes' London foggy, Victorian heroines on the moor foggy. Ridiculous, and yet people were STILL driving without their lights on and around 60! Listen, sir, most of us in area know our way around these curvy mountain roads. But not blindfolded! And we certainly don't know that YOU are there! Lights during the day are at least 3/4 so other people know you're on the road. (Barring other weather considerations requiring their use.)

Cardigan - Jacyln Smith
Shirt - Avenue
Pants - Denim 24/7
evil pair of crocs

Yay for new shirt! This style is my new favorite, the whole belted square thing. That made it sound super attractive, huh? I went with HUGE earrings for fun. Once again, my shoes got compliments, like they do every time I wear them. And of course they're out of stock. This is a pair of shoes that's comfy and cute. And just like all my favorite things, they're sold out! The horrible pair of crocs, the ones that look okay, but hurt my feet  (that I only wear if it's going to rain and the red of this pair would clash with my outfit) are still in stock.


Shirt - Avenue
Pants - JL Studio
Lovely, nice crocs
Huge earrings from Fashion to Figure

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