Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Well, you're like my HALF-mom..."

I so definitely do not have the stamina to be a parent! We had the kids Saturday evening through lunch today, and they just WEAR ME OUT! Of course, even when they misbehave, they're still funny as all get out. The title of this post is another little gem from the mouth of my nephew, who was searching for justification after accidentally calling me mom.  This is the same kid who told me that his mom NEVER makes him brush his teeth, and hasn't made him take a bath in 5 months.  Get real, munchkin! Your mom is my sister, and I know you're just trying to get out of it all! The kids do love staying at our house, though, and it's probably not just because we have cable.  They look soooo cute all cuddled up asleep, and due to confusion about the DVR, do believe that I can fast-forward through all commercials. (Hey, my father tends to think that as well...) And I get to comb and style my niece's hair when she stays over, and cuddle her up. (Killy saves all his cuddles for his mom. Period.) But I stand by my belief that I was designed to be the most kickass auntie ever, instead of a mom.

Cardigan - redoute
Shirt - Valerie Stevens 
Pants - White Stag

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  1. I have a four year-old, and most days think to myself, "how did this happen." (I mean, I get HOW it happened, but you know...) I just cannot wait until I'm off work for the summer and I can adjust his sleeping schedule (selfishly) so I can sleep in! I don't have the stamina either, and I only have one!! I don't know how moms with more than one child keep up. I'm exhausted just thinking about it:)