Saturday, April 2, 2011

Doctor Who and Boat Shoes

Yes, I know. I go on rants about jeans, then I wear them again in just a few days. But we're having freak April snowstorms here in the Appalachian Mountains, and my legs need to be as warm as possible! Plus, with this long sweater, all of my waist issues with jeans are covered up. And speaking of issues; I watched the season 4 finale of Doctor Who today during my lunch break (on Netflix Instant) spoilers, but DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN, I WAS NOT HAPPY.  Out of all the companions so far, I think Donna is my favorite. But I always get that way, and decide I can't possibly like anyone else (or any other Doctor) as much as the one I'm watching. I'm also holding off on watching the 3rd season of Torchwood, since I read spoilers and I know how it's going to all go down. I don't know if I have enough Kleenex for that.

Here are my new Dexter shoes! Uber-preppy boat shoes that are cheap AND fit well from Payless! If you like them, I suggest you go on in and get them while they're on sale. For me, at least, deliberately preppy items like this make me amused. I don't know...I just find something about the whole Prep aesthetic ridiculous and funny. But I do love a well fitting flat shoe.

Sweater - Roaman's
Jeans - Avenue
Shoes - Dexter


  1. Those shoes are super-cute... And I love a good flat shoes... But they are SO preppy. And... I am more punk/goth. I think my 15-year-old self would haunt me!
    But they are cute. :)

  2. I have tried being punk/goth but...I'm just NOT. Despite all the black I wear! I'm so much more boho/hippie with a side order of ironic dressing.

  3. Torchwood: Children of Earth will rip your heart out and crush it into pulp. FYI.