Tuesday, May 31, 2011

global airmail = $$$ (AKA want to buy a purse?)

So it turns out that to exchange those bags I got that I didn't want, I would have to ship them back to China...on my dime, in the original packaging. Which would cost $27.95, which is almost as much as one of the bags! So, guess what ladies! I'm selling them off! Truly, the only reason I'm not keeping them is that I personally have to have a shoulder strap or the weight of all the stuff I cram into my bags will cause my arms to fall off. The first person to claim a bag gets it, and we'll do the payment through my Etsy shop as a reserved item. Both prices include shipping within the US. (If you live outside the US, we might have to adjust it by a few bucks.)

The red bag has been sold!

$35 Noeud Papillon Shoulder Bag Tricolor Black here


  1. Found you through Already Pretty. Any takers on the red purse yet?

  2. Nope, Jana, no takers on the red one! Just buy it here http://www.etsy.com/listing/75185591/reserved-for-jana

  3. I sent you a couple of questions thru Etsy.