Saturday, May 14, 2011

No-work Saturday

 Even though the office I work in is completely closed off from the public (and is actually off the main university campus), my boss is pretty strict about a professionally dressed environment. AKA no jeans, no leggings. But I now have actual normal-people weekends, so I celebrated by wearing leggings today when we went up to see my Nana. This is my mother's mother, and she had her 82nd birthday this week. We took a lunch and a cake, and sang to her. And afterwards, while Mama and Jen and Nana talked, I fell asleep on the loveseat. This working all week is hard stuff! Especially the first week, when you're all nervous, but you don't really have anything to do yet. Book tip: I'm reading Ken Jennings' (yes, the Jeopardy guy) book Brainiac and it's really quite good and funny and full of neat little trivia.

Top - Jessica London (super comfy)
Leggings - Avenue
Shoes - Dexter

Snapshot of Tiny Mama, squinting into the sun

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