Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I thought about joining in that whole Facebook "put up a picture of you and your mom to show how much you love her for the week leading up to Mother's Day". I didn't, because a) not a joiner, particular for FB things, and uh...b) I didn't have a picture of me and my mom. Okay, I have one: Mama, me, and Ellie at the beach, where Mama has her dress hiked up to avoid the waves, I have some doofy braids in, and cute little Ellie totally steals the show. And I don't need anyone else thinking she's mine. (She looks like me, acts like me, loves to cuddle me, and we moved back here after Jen had her. Last year, several older ladies wished me a happy mother's day.) So I got Jen to take a picture of me and Mama at lunch. As you see, we look just a bit alike!

We have a bit of a wisteria problem on our deck.
Top - Swimsuit coverup from Avenue
Tank top - Avenue
Pants- Land's End
Shoes - Dexter

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