Monday, May 9, 2011

Yay new job!

It was a long first day, but well worth it. Everyone is very nice (and I would know if they weren't, there are only 7 of us in the department and 2 of us started today). It's just so nice to be out of the public service industry! (And if you don't believe libraries are a public service job, just try working in one for a few hours.) I'll be doing research for the university, up on the top floor of a building, and people keep telling me that no one ever comes up there but the researchers. It sounds like heaven! My mom works in a different area one floor down, so we can carpool together and eat together if we want (although 2 of the other women at work are around my age and we had a fun lunch today). The other woman who started with me is named Jennifer, just like my sister!

And one of my treats came in, a new ring from JewelMint, the "Metal Mosaic" ring that they brought back from out of stock. I can tell it's awesome because my mom made that scrunched up face when I asked her if it wasn't cool. The rest of my jewelry was me-assembled, including my lovely branch earrings and a new bracelet of faux coins that I put together from a link from Michael's.

This outfit is a two piece "suit" from Avenue. I love it because it's totally not a suit, just a matching top and pants. The top made me think Art Deco, how about you guys? It has awesome big sleeves that you can't really see here. I even wore boring grownup shoes with heels today. My feet hurt, of course. But I'm actually excited about going to work tomorrow!

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