Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last two days of my old job!

I'm so proud; I've started to make less surprised/appalled/disgusted type faces and have moved into the sweet and demure face-making category. I think in real life I more often make evil overlord faces or distracted confused faces, though. I love this tunic so much, but until I get a real feel for the dress code at my new job (starting Monday!) I'm putting it at the metaphorical back of the closet. It's just a little too boobalicious, maybe. But part of that is just my natural super bust.

Tunic - Fashion to Figure
Leggings - umm, athletic-type ones?
Crocs - I found more of this style (Lily LJ Plaid in size 8) on Ebay! I put them on a watch list to buy once I get my paycheck. I'm super tempted to buy all four that I found, since all (plus shipping) would be equal to the cost of ONE pair of Fluevogs. And okay, I don't own any Fluevogs, but it's such a blogger type shoe that I feel like I can use it as a unit of measurement. And I wear the ones I have at least once a week....

This was last day at the library! I'll miss my co-workers, but not getting up early on Saturdays. The world gave me back good stuff today; I ended up with a free lunch (due to a credit card machine breakdown) and I had the courage to finally snark back at a lazy, jacka** of a grad student (and had a guy come up later and tell me what a jerk the grad student had been to me). We went out to eat, it was delicious, and I'm superfull, but ready to hunker down and make my mom the jewelry she wants for Mother's Day.

Dress - thrifted decades ago
Leggings - White Stag
Shoes - Dexter

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