Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spending like a drunken sailor...

Aww...look how sweet and demure I look!  I did so much stuff at work today (cleaning up all my files/file-type stuff at the old job to make it nice and neat for the next person), had a chocolate cake brought in for me by one of my bosses, and just generally had a good day.

But. I keep buying stuff. And it's all little stuff, like a ring from JewelMint, or today's tee on TeeFury (it's a Doctor Who one with the Weeping Angels!), or ebooks for my Kindle (okay, the Kindle was a big purchase, but that was my pressie for finally getting a full-time job and it is incredibly addictive, even though just last year I was a total snot about them being lame). And I agree with Sal's post today about buying yourself nice things, so it's not really the things or the money. It's just that I'm still used to having no money (ie college student level of money, even though I'm turning 30 in July). And technically I won't start HAVING my salary for a few weeks. So I need to STOP BUYING EVERYTHING I LIKE JUST BECAUSE I ACTUALLY HAVE MONEY AND DON'T HAVE TO SPEND IT ALL ON HEALTH INSURANCE EVERY MONTH NOW.  Phew, time to take a breath. And then of course, I need to pay off my credit cards. Cranky face.

Oh look, I wore clothes today! They were comfy and mildly interesting!

Shirt - Avenue
Pants - White Stag
Shoes - Dexter

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