Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cantata Sunday

Yes, these pictures are from all the way back on Sunday. We had our Easter Cantata (Yes, I know it was a week after Easter) and I wore my choir robe the whole service, so the focus was really on my hair. And didn't it end up nice? I'm so glad it's getting longer; there for awhile I couldn't hardly do anything with it. And you can see my nice silvery-white hairs that have popped out! Evidently, I'm going to go silver, not gray, and I'm doing it early. It's driving my mom to distraction, but my sister and I think it's cool. My grandmother has the most beautiful white hair, and has had all my life. I dyed my hair various shades of auburn (and a mistaken black) for a decade, from 16 to 26, but this is so much neater. How about you guys? When your hair turns silver/grey/white, will you dye it?

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  1. I'm looking forward to my hair going silver-y! Especially with my pixie crop. When we had our family portraits done, in some of the black and white ones my hair was quite shiny and so it looked silver and I LOVED it! http://g2.photogrove.com/d/205724-2/Woods+_213_.jpg So far, though, I haven't found a single gray hair. I think I'm going to be like our mama and nana, and have almost no gray hairs till mid-forties and then it will go silver pretty quickly.