Friday, January 21, 2011

Not quite so tired

Ha! Tired eyes, I have fooled you by taking my pictures in the morning! Seriously, by the end of the day, I have shadows under my eyes like Tiny Tim's. You try having pale skin AND taking the load of sleep-inducing medication I take. Also, I'm just a sleepy sort of person. I have pictures of me as a child with these big bags under my eyes, like my parents made me stay up all the time polishing the silver. My sister suffers from insomnia, but she (almost) always looks perky. WTH, genetics?

It's another cold day, so I layered up well. Leggings, sweater, boots, DRESS.  Boo-yah!  Imagine finger guns. Yesterday I talked about wanting to win contests. Do you know what I want the most?  A big super-red purse! Seriously, this is what I'm craving at the moment. Something like....this or like this. But I don't have the cash for either one right now. Sad face.

Sweater - Roaman's
Dress - Chico's
Leggings - Faded Glory
Boots - Avenue (Jessie knows how awesome they are now, too!)

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