Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Pashmina of Wonders

Yes, this is my gloating face.

I snapped this baby up on Ebay for $4.25. No shipping charges. It is GORGEOUS. I wore all black to set it off, and both my bosses threatened to steal it. Last night I made seven pairs of small earrings, all just little charms on french ear wires like this.  They're the easiest thing in the world for me to make; I can power through a giant pile of them in the time that it would take me to make one (medium difficulty) necklace. Speaking of, in February, you might want to check out Love Erin's blog for a little giveaway from yours truly...

Dress - JMS
Pants - Denim 24/7
Shoes - Avenue
Pashmina - this is the company that sells them on ebay

1 comment:

  1. B-E-A-Utiful pashmina. Good lord.
    Makes me wish I lived in a climate where buying such a gorgeous thing would make sense!!!