Friday, January 7, 2011

Save our city...

Do you like the band Ludo?  You should.  You should also go and watch the video for "Save our city" cause it's AWESOME and stuck in my head.  Look!  Yesterday I wore all black and red, including my awesome stripy socks!

I look a little unsure of the camera, don't I?  Notice the tension in my hands...and how I've been watching too much of shows like "Lie to me" and now think that I can understand body language.  Really, I just had to pee and wanted to change into my jammies.  I started (and have almost finished) reading "It sucked and then I cried" by Heather Armstrong (aka dooce).  It's SO GOOD.  Even though I have LESS THAN ZERO interest in having any children of my own.  The only type of non-fiction I really like are memoirs like this.  Real stuff that happened to real, non-famous people.  I do read the odd celebrity bio, but only if I really like the person and they wrote it themselves (Alan Alda's books are great and so are Michael J. Fox's).

Sweater - Roaman's
Pants - umm, old ones...maybe White Stag?
lovely socks - Target, a long long while ago

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  1. excellent socks. :)

    i love michael j fox: my dad has parkinsons & he read both of his books and said they're really inspiring. i have alan alda's book on hold at the library.