Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a brand new day, and the sun is high...

So the other movie that we watched New Year's Eve was Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.  I could watch it at least once a week without getting sick of it.  That's why Joss is the BOSS!  Such a great blend of good/evil in all his characters!

I got a new RED jacket for Christmas!  My mama keeps trying to get me into blazers.  I don't ever button them up, though.  This has a nice shape to it, and it's actually reversible.  I got the most compliments on my red plaid Crocs, though.  People LOVE these shoes!

It's happened...the little bit of color I got during the summer has completely left.  Skin white as snow (check), lips red as a rose (hmm, more pinkish), and hair black as ebony. (it's brown.  Other woods are brown.)  I have become Snow White, just as the snow starts falling here in the mountains.  Only without the whole fairytale bit.  And the nature-loving, singing sweet songs, and twee little voice.

I bought a whole thing of charms just for this pendant.  It made me think of the pendant from the movie version of Stargate.  As you see, it's not very much like it; no Eye of Ra or anything.  But the crossing lines spoke to my inner sci-fi geek, and I had to have it.  Plus, it's so cute and little that it's like a little geeky secret just for me.

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