Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boots, Glorious Boots!

That's right, I have boots!  That fit!  And are pretty!  [Seriously, the months that have gone by as I've looked for boots to fit my enormously wide feet and calves (I hate you, shoe manufacturers, with all of my burning sarcastic fire) would have driven a saint crazy.  I'd try on a pair of boots/booties and have 3 inches between the zippers! WTF!!!]  Jen's husband noticed how cute they are within two seconds of seeing me!  I might have been a little boot-starved.  Maybe.  They came from OneStopPlus, even though I've had poor luck with shoes from them.  (My shooties are from Avenue, though, so I have had a little luck.)  These boots are fantastic, and they're also from Avenue. But their shoes all run too big, so I guess I need to order them a half size down.

The rest of today's outfit is just random layers thrown together.  White Stag leggings and skirt, Avenue shirt, Lane Bryant cardigan, self-made earrings, and an upcycled necklace.  Warmth is crucial, people!  If I keep the clothes to black and grey, I can pile on as many layers as I need.  Right?  RIGHT???  Like I care about anything but my boots at this point.

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  1. I just ordered these for me since my black boots are way too dressy for my "everyday" life now ... and my feet are FREEZING all the time! I found a code for 30% off an item at OSP --score!