Saturday, January 22, 2011

30 day photo challenge - Day 1

I'm fierce! ...Right??
So, I'm getting the 30 day photo challenge idea from NikStar. Day 1 is a picture of yourself with 15 facts. Easy enough picture-wise! This is what I wore to work today. And now for the facts:

  1. I think I'm becoming obsessed with the color red.  Really.  I have a Polyvore account (check out my sets, I'm libgirl9), and almost every single one has red in it. And looking around, I have such hopeless shopping lust for cool red items, I can hardly stand it!
  2. I read a bajillion books every year. Hellooo, Bachelors in English and Masters in Library Science!
  3. As for magazines - our house has subscriptions to TIME, Cosmo, Lucky, Entertainment Weekly, Better Homes and Gardens, and Real Simple. If I had more money, I would get Dwell and Martha Stewart Living, too. My favorites are Real Simple (which suggests a life so NOT simple!), Lucky, and Dwell. Pretty, pretty pictures.
  4. I recently read an article about how you should properly type with ONE space between sentences, not TWO. Two is apparently grossly wrong and only for idiots, says the typography industry. I've used 2 spaces forever, but now I feel like I have to change, and it is the hardest thing I've ever tried to do.
  5. I want to live in a tiny house. I would love an English stone cottage type one, but I'm also open to something more like this 480 square foot house plan from Cusato Cottages.  
  6. I am much happier when I can take a nap every day.
  7. In case that didn't clue you in, I am also much happier when I can be lazy.
  8. I find it completely impossible to "save" a magazine. As soon as I have it in my hot little hands from the mail, I plop down on the bed and plow through it.
  9. I'm 5'4", but I have unduly short arms and legs. All that saves me from being 5' even is my long torso.
  10. I had LASIK (laser eye surgery) done back in 2003 after I finished undergrad. My vision was horrific, literally 20 over 200 or so. It was 20/20 for a few months afterwards, but now it's around 20/60. But I can see people without my glasses! And shave in the shower! And see a clock across the room!
  11. Speaking of shaving; I'm horribly bad at it. I tend to shave only when my legs or underarms are going to be seen, especially in winter. My dad is fairly distressed by this, mostly because I like to show him how long my leg hair gets.
  12. I cleaned recently, and recycled a gigantic bag (about 30 pounds) of old magazines. When they were tossed out, I felt such a wave of relief it was almost staggering! This is definitely going to be a habit from now on.
  13. I read (and have written) fanfic. Yes, even that kind.
  14. I am a very picky eater, and hate the way most vegetables taste when cooked. Final solution = raw veggies and V8 fusion!
  15. I don't care much for animals. I like horses. But really, dogs and cats? You're so messy. And you smell funny and leave messes. It's not like you're children who'll end up talking to me and taking care of me if something bad happens.

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