Monday, January 24, 2011

30 day photo challenge - Day 3

Today is a photo of the cast of my favorite TV show. But I watch and love so many!  How about you get SEVERAL photos of my top favorites?  Good?  Great.  You get 2 fantasy/sci-fi and 2 crime-type shows.

Fringe wins top place, simply because it's AWESOME!  I could rattle on and on about Joshua Jackson, but really, John Noble makes the show for me.  His portrayal of Walter is just so fantastic and fascinating (especially since he had to be the evil(ish) Walternate as well) that I would gladly watch a Fringe that promised 50% more Walter all the time.

The top 3 characters.  And now it's on Fridays!

Sanctuary is a great SyFy show, with all of the backgrounds done completely by computer.  Brilliant premise, fantastic monsters, and daring chases all in one package. 

Lie to Me. Tim Roth is a short guy who walks like he's the head Mafia boss, not leader of a truth-discovery-business.  Everyone on the show has amazing qualities and huge flaws to go with them, just like reality.

Leverage has sexy bad people working to help people who've been ripped off in some way.  They're like Robin Hoods!  Except they break all the laws in the universe and laugh about it!  Oh, and they keep some of the bad guys money...

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