Sunday, January 9, 2011

No more mullet!

Seriously, that's how I convinced my little mama to cut my hair!  I told her that the difference in length between the front pieces and the back was giving me a mullet.  I don't think she agreed, but she cut it for me.  It was FOUR DEGREES when I got up this morning.  How am I supposed to go out in that?  That is TOO DAMN COLD for me.  (Shush and let me have my whine, RMb, I'm really quite delicate!)  Luckily, I have my new boots to wear, so my feet were nice and toasty.  And it warmed up to 19 later in the day.

Really, the comfiest boots I've ever had.  On par with all my comfy shoes.  Not that you don't know you're wearing them or anything; I always prefer going without shoes.

Here's a better hair shot, along with a jewelry shot.  Now that my hair is all so short again, the curls popped out!  Seriously, they seem to hide for long periods of time, just to mess with me.  I'm thinking of doing a jewelry giveaway from my store - is anyone interested?

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  1. Hi Erin - I love your boots! They are absolutely adorable. And I love that you paired them with colored tights (I am a fool for colored tights).

    I also wanted to say thank you for following my blog and for your comments - I appreciate them immensely.