Thursday, January 20, 2011

I fully realize that I am psychotic

So I've been entering giveaways online mega-fiercely for the past few weeks now.  For fashion and beauty stuff, mainly.  And I haven't won anything, which makes sense logically because tons of people enter them and it doesn't matter statistically how many I enter, each one is a separate contest.  BUT I WANT TO WIN SOMETHING, DAMMIT!  I am such a wishful contest person.  I always think maybe this time.  BUT NO.  Nothing for me.  And I know that part of it is that I'm in a very money-hungry situation right now, so I can't buy the things that would be fun to splurge on.  Most of my paycheck goes to my insurance (not covered by my part-time job, and costing over $900 a month because of my epilepsy) and my other bills. 

On the plus-side, I've gotten to the point where I like my own jewelry more than most other jewelry.  Certainly more than the stuff I can afford at the moment!  And I've got boxes and boxes and bags of stuff to make more.  Now I just needed to stop watching movies and playing around online and MAKE IT!

Shirt - TravelSmith
T-Shirt - Avenue
Pants - Denim 24/7
Shoes - Mossimo

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  1. You know I understand exactly where you're coming from with regards to the money-situation. I hope it gets better soon!

    On the bright side (for me!), we need to go out together sometime soon so I can buy the faux pearls and other supplies for you to recreate my wedding necklace.