Thursday, January 27, 2011

30 day photo challenge - Day 6

Today is supposed to be a picture of a person I would love to trade places with for a day.  But everyone has issues and problems, ones I don't know that I would want to take on even for a day.  I've seen plenty of sci-fi body switching movies, I know how this goes!  But I know the KIND of person I would like to be for a day.  Okay, kinds of people, you know I have problems deciding on just one!

Professional Singer: not opera, I don't have the range, but I do rock at uber-depressing spirituals, bluegrass, and alternative rock.

Fantastic singer Gillian Welch

Actress: Playing pretend for a living?  Super fun for a day!

Silent film star Lillian Gish

Bookstore Owner: obviously not a chain, but a cute little mystery book shop.

Random, found on Google images.

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