Friday, January 7, 2011

snow snow snow snow

Snow again!  And my shirt may have long sleeves, but it wasn't nearly warm enough to deal with the crazy fluctuating temperature at work.  I froze sitting up front until I went back and borrowed a coworker's cardigan.  It was that or wear my parka (because I was a fool and took home my own work cardigan over the holiday break).  The shirt is Ellos and the pants are Source of Wisdom.  And I need my sister to pin me down and tame my eyebrows into well-plucked submission.  Maybe that'll get down in the same realm of Never-Never Land as my much-needed haircut!  [Seriously, it'll happen in the next few days and then I'll quit whining about my hair.  Maybe.]

I had on gorgeous jewelry today, NONE of it handmade, oddly.  The spoon ring was from an antique store, and my sister picked up the earrings for me at Claire's.  The little zippers actually unzip!

This bracelet came from Target, a few months ago when during a sale.

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