Friday, January 28, 2011

30 day photo challenge - Day 7

My most treasured items are my eyes (obviously I'm not counting people here). Everything else can be replaced. But life without my eyes...I shudder to think of it. I think I'm too old to learn Braille, and life without watching tv/movies would just...suck.


  1. Hey, I know you started this challenge before I did but your welcome to add your blog via the linky tool under my 30 day challenge post

    Feel free girl and goodluck with your adventure :] Mel

  2. oh my god, i totally know what you mean! me & my sister used to play the game "which would you rather" and we'd think of worst case senarios & we'd have to pick the one we'd live with. one of them was "which would you rather be without: sight or any other sense" and we always picked smell or taste because we wouldnt be able to live without seeing or hearing. our game was dumb, but it did make us grateful.