Friday, December 31, 2010

Movies and Snacky Snacks!

Our family tradition on New Year's Eve is to watch movies and eat snacks (not dinner) all night.  We are all about comfort!  Tonight on the bill so far are Beauty and the Beast, (newly out on Blu-Ray, and totally for the kids benefit.  The kids including me and Jen.) and The Fifth Element.  That's all we've decided on so far. 

For snacky snacks, we've got homemade cheeseballs (regular and dessert), cheese dip, cookies, little sausages, popcorn...everything you could want.  And what could be more comfortable than leggings, a tunic, and slippers?

Necklace - pressie from my Mama
Top - Avenue
Moto leggings - Avenue
Slippers - Comfortview

1 comment:

  1. wow, sounds like your evening is shaping up to be fabulous!
    on my agenda: my husband gets to work from home (yay!! he doesnt have to drive on the slick icey MN roads tonight) while the bean & i are going to watch movies ourselves (beauty & the beast sounds good for her & i think i'll opt for bridget jones when she goes to bed). happy new year to you!