Saturday, December 25, 2010

And it doesn't show signs of stopping...

Outside my house at 8pm
It might have started snowing a bit here.  Around midday.  It might still be snowing.  And by might, I mean most definitely.

So, the worst part of my new camera?  Being able to take photos that show how real-life/in focus cute both my niece AND my sister are!  How can Jen be that cute wearing a child's snowflake headband?  These were from last night, celebrating Christmas Eve at our house.

Our mother loooooooves holiday appropriate tops.  Loves them.  Me, not so much.  But Mama gave me one for Christmas, and as she told her older sister when I got a compliment on it, I wore it to make my mama happy.  I really like these earrings I got as a gift from my cousin Teresa.  If you look close you can see a few of my silver hairs that glint so prettily in the sun.  My sister loves them on me, but I'm positive that she'll cry when she finds her first gray hair.


  1. congrats on the new camera!!
    i LOVE those earrings & the holiday shirt is cute. :)

    ps. forgive me for sounding snotty, but that snow is nothing. try the 23 inches we here in MN have gotten so far this winter and then consider the 17-24 MORE inches we're expecting on new years... its like we live in alaska or something!! anyway, great post! your neice & my Bean are totally kindred spirits. Happy New Year to you!

  2. OF COURSE the snow isn't much! If I had to deal with all that snow in MN, I would cry. Or move. I'm strictly a half foot or less kind of girl. Anything more means a blizzard or "Little House on the Prairie" to me!