Tuesday, January 25, 2011

30 day photo challenge - Day 4

A picture of my night...well, come on, that's really just a picture of my bed, now isn't it?  That's where I spend my nights.

You may have noticed that my bed is directly on the ground.  I have/had a bedframe, a nice, very solid one that had been my parents.  Then, while I lived in Kansas I had a massive seizure and smashed my head into one of the posts on the front.  I didn't hurt my head, but I literally CRACKED the left poster in two.  We moved back to Virginia, my dad said he would fix it, but I decided to put my mattresses on the floor for a while and sleep like that.  And it works for me.  And yes, I know the carpet is hideous.  It's left over from the family who owned the house before us.  The blue walls were my sister's high school idea, though.  Very soothing at night, but the room requires a lot of light once the sun goes down and you're still awake!


  1. I ♥ the walls

    Honestly I was going to get a photo of my bed last night, then realised my room is a pigsty! All credit to you for sharing your bed! Bed are where dreams are made of!!


  2. GIRL, you have a thick head. ;)

    My dream bedroom has the bed on the floor in a corner, with tons and tons of throw pillows along the two walls. It'll never happen, but it's still me dream bedroom!

  3. Oh, my! That sounds so scary! I have fallen off my bunk bed a few times. Luckily, this semester, I'm on the bottom bunk but it took a lot of bandaids for it to happen:) Your bed looks like your own personal oasis!