Friday, February 19, 2010

I am a lady from Mars, and I can unscrew the stars

This is the outfit I mentioned on my twitter as making me feel supercute. I've been looking for a sweater-dress/long tunic ALL FREAKIN' WINTER and I finally found one. Luckily, here in VA it appears that winter is never going to end. Everywhere I looked I found sweater-dresses and tunics galore...but. But, they nipped in at the bottom! A curvy girl like me wants something with a little flare at the bottom, not something to point out my thighs! But wonder of all wonders, I found this on a Wal-mart sale rack. Sadly, black was the only decent color, or I would have a rainbow of these dresses. And this outfit is as comfy as pajamas!

I also change shoes at work. While at work, I usually wear these little slippers that were my shoes for my modern dance shoes back in undergrad back in 2003! You can see the wear, but they've lasted a very long time for little leather split-sole shoes. Particularly since I don't take any care of them.

And these are the shoes that I wear outside of work. Vaguely workman like, but sort of cute.

Dress - George
Leggings - Faded Glory
Slippers - Capezio
Shoes - People Movers
Teapot Necklace: made by me! and fantastic spoon ring!

Question: who are some of your favorite singers that make you think?

I love Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, and the group Ludo. They all have crazy weird lyrics that take your mind to really neat, sometimes creepy, all together new places.


  1. That sweater looks very nice on you and I'm loving your shoes. Winter has been *blah*, can't wait for spring. Have a nice weekend.

  2. the shoes are HELLA cool. you are pretty cute in this outfit. :)

    favorite singers that make me think? hmmm... the eels are good (especially if you need some comfort), the beatles, led zeppelin, the dresden dolls (the jeep song on their first album = best break up song ever).... i'll think of more later, i'm sure.