Monday, February 1, 2010

Love Month

In honor of February and Valentine's Day (actually, a holiday that I'm not overly fond of), I thought today should be a post of things I love. We'll start with the cutest. My niece and nephew.

On to makeup, which my mom is thrilled that I have started wearing again. I mostly wear powder, eye makeup, and lip gloss of some sort. Let's get this straight, people; I am cheap!! I am also a complete Anglophile, so almost all my eye junk is Rimmel, a British makeup company that you can buy in drugstores, Target, etcetera .

The only bra that I've found to be really comfortable and pretty is one from Lane Bryant. I've ended up buying 5 of these bras, all in lovely colors, even though they're (for me) on the expensive side. (Hint, I waited for the yearly sale!)

I love Netflix Instant. As a matter of fact, after I post this, I think I'll watch a movie. Which brings to mind the fact that I love my netbook! I have an Acer Aspire One, in a lovely blue.

Bye now!

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  1. hehe, this is a cute post. i love doing a list of things i love... i should do that more, i think. :)