Saturday, February 27, 2010


Okay, it's still super cold. And maybe I got a little cold yesterday. Maybe. So today I'm wearing layers. The undershirt (not really an undershirt, durr) is Mossimo. The shirt on top is Merona. The jeans are thrifted Old Navy. I'm wearing some old boot socks and Crocs. Yes, Crocs. Stop shaking your fashion blogger heads at me. I have wide feet, and I'm on them a good portion of the day. And if you're short (like me) and have on boot cut jeans, it's really not that obvious. Particularly if you're sitting behind a desk the portions of the day that you're not on your feet. So stop your sneering! (I may possibly be too sensitive about this.) This is me with wet hair and no makeup, and a tired mother taking the picture. I have a pretty simple camera, but my mom can make just about anything look blurry, so we have to take several pics when she's shooting. She's also still unclear about the fact that yes, I want my entire outfit in the picture, not just my face. "Mom, they don't need to see my face. It's a fashion blog, they need to see my outfit!" Tired reply: "Hmmm...Smile, darling!"

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  1. You have really nice natural color to your face when you're not wearing make-up. The top colors are also very pretty on you.