Monday, February 8, 2010

Eatin' and sleepin' and turnin' pages...

I visited my Nana today with my parents. I don't care how cute your grandmother is, mine is cuter and sweeter by far. Before we saw Nana, my parents wanted to get new cell phones. I had less than no interest in waiting around with them, so I went to the stores nearby.

Frustrated by the shoe store's lack of boots to fit my calves (bizarrely muscular), I went to the Dollar Tree. And lo and behold, these two cute purses, each just a buck! They are much smaller than the ones I usually carry, but I can carry them on special-ish occasions.

It's still pretty cold for Virginia, and the snow is piled up in huge drifts around the roads and my house. But my Nana's house is always nice and toasty, so I wore something in the middle that I could pull a nice big coat over.

Cardigan - Mossimo
Shirt - Old Navy
Skirt - Thrifted
Leggings - Faded Glory
Shoes - No Boundaries
Teapot Necklace - self-made

As for jewelry, I only had on my teapot necklace, but I got a great closeup picture of it. Unfortunately, without my constant spoon ring, my finger felt naked all day long!

Do you have a certain something that you have to wear every day or your day just feels off? A piece of jewelry, a pair of shoes, a hair clip? Tell the Library Girl so she can catalog it!


  1. Um, hello! Your comment made my day. And adorkable is my new favorite word.

    And that teapot necklace is so cool... I still don't get how you crafty-types make this stuff. It's like magic!

    And your Nana sounds awesome. Oh, and sizest boot makers suck. I can attest to the fact that boot shopping for the ample-calved is just never freaking easy!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Chelsea! Adorkable is one of my all-time favorite descriptive words. But boot shopping just makes me cranky and bitter.