Thursday, February 4, 2010

work makes me look tired

Once again it is threatening humongous weekend snow here in VA. It's cold, and I need a new razor, so I'm wearing my Old Navy jeans today. You get snapshots of my outfit today, instead of a cohesive whole, since I took the pictures at work in my cubicle during my lunch break. My shoes are Skechers, bought in a thrift store.

The black turtleneck is one that I stole from my father long ago, after he declared that turtlenecks made his head look even more like a pumpkin (very true). The necklace is self-made.

I decided to go with a daring, semi-Veronica Lake hairdo today. One side sweeps over my eyes, and the other side is caught back in a clippy thing. I have no idea what those things are technically called.

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