Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Odd Love Films

I seem to specialize in being the person in my family to rent movies that make everyone else ask "Where on earth did you find that?" So, for Love Month, here are a few of my recent favorites, all of which you can get from Netflix. Also, mild spoiler, they all end relatively happily, no matter what happens during the movie.

1. Howl's Moving Castle
This is the only animated movie on the list. It's a Miyazaki film (loosely) based on the Diana Wynne Jones book. Beautiful, with evil witches, sorcerers, and semi-living scarecrows, it tells the tale of Sophie, who has been turned into an old woman by a witch and how the wizard Howl falls in love with her because he sees her for who she really is.

2. Lars and the Real Girl
This movie got a lot of press when it came out, and it's excellent. Definitely strange, but good. Ryan Gosling stars as Lars, the man who buys a sex doll and treats it like a real person that he's in a real relationship with, and soon the whole town is going along with him.

3. Good Dick
This movie is really, really offbeat. Not one for watching with your parents/children, in case the title didn't tip you off. A true indie movie, this was written and directed by the main woman, Marianna Palka. A tale about an introvert who only leaves the house to rent porn and the rental guy who ends up following her home and levering his way into her life. Caution, she is HORRIBLE to him for a great deal of the movie due to some problems of her own.

4. Latter Days
The sweetest gay movie I've seen recently. A party boy makes a bet, and ends up falling in love with one of the Mormons that moves next door. Includes the most amusing quoting of "Psycho" that I've seen in a movie.

6. Penelope
This is the love story for families and fashion bloggers alike. The title character was born with the nose of a pig, due to a family curse. Christina Ricci is Penelope, and her outfits are gorgeous! Most of all the wedding dress, which is pictured below. Everyone else has rockin' outfits too, including Reese Witherspoon's little turn.

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