Thursday, February 11, 2010


I love dessert. I know that you're nodding your head, but you don't understand. I LOVE DESSERT. You can see that I have a long list of food blogs on here that I follow, so you might think that I cook a lot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not really. I just love to look at pictures of desserts and read about them. I do bake on occasion, and I would rather make desserts than cook regular food. But I'm just as likely to use a mix as to make something from scratch. But these people aren't:

Not So Humble Pie is a SAHM and scientist who makes the best looking geeky foods. She's posted recipes to make atom cookies, gingerbread men in containment suits, as well as tons of macarons, and some bitter conversation hearts for Valentine's Day.

Delicious Delicious Delicious is the man who came up with the "Reinvent the Lamington" contest. He's got a great sense of humor (just look at the picture of his Christmas Cake!) and
the man definitely knows his way around the kitchen. He's also a guy who'll post a recipe for marmalade that actually makes it sound appetizing to me!

As for Cakespy, well, the site bills themselves as a "Dessert Detective Agency". They post reviews of bakeries, recipes, and most importantly (to me) they have the Cakespy shop. Jessie Oleson is the artist who designed "Cuppie", the mascot of the site, and who paints the original artwork you can buy. Like this one that I love so much if anyone is so inclined...

So what's your favorite dessert? Do you like fancy stuff or junk food? I love anything with chocolate and peanut butter. Or are you one of those sad sad people that actually DON'T like sweets?

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  1. If it has sugar, I'm pretty happy. I love salty/sweet things, like strawberry pretzel jello, anything chocolate with peanut butter, etc. Mmmm.