Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Videos I love!

Obviously, if you watch all this videos in one sitting it would take you about 20 minutes. So if you want to dip in and out, or just watch one, that's cool with me. It's not like I can stop you, anyway. That's why I've provided handy teensy summaries for you!

The Cat Came Back This is a Canadian animated short that I remember watching in school (or maybe at home?) when I was little. I thought it was hysterical then and I still like it now, even if it is slightly macabre.

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Version By now, I'm sure you've heard/seen the "literal" music videos that replace the original lyrics with ones about what's actually going on in the video. This is one of the best, I think, and one of the funniest.

Love Me Dead I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ludo. And this video is like a freaky funny literal video combined with an actual song combined with a great band. And how can you not love the lead singer, with his Buster Poindexter look and crazy eyes!

Laughing With I'm a Christian. I'll get that out of the way before I get any possible mean responses. But I think Regina Spektor (yes, another of my favorites!) addresses one of the most pressing issues in Christianity in this lovely, sad, beautiful, and funny song. Dude, it's okay to laugh at and with God. Who do you think made our sense of humor?


  1. Haaa ha ha ha!

    That Regina Spektor video made it into a playlist that I recently posted on my blog... just FYI. ;)

  2. hehe, these are great. i love regina spektor too!