Friday, February 12, 2010

I'd ride in your pocket all day...

It's still horribly cold here, so layers are the word of the day whenever I go outside my house. Today was a black/white/red day. I feel both proud and dorky that it's hard to tell where my black shirt ends and my arm warmers begin. I feel strictly proud that my socks and arm warmers match. But I have no idea what store the socks came from, I've had them for years and years. I ended up liking this outfit a lot. It was very comfortable, since the pants are jersey. Here's a full shot of my outfit:

It's late, though, and the Olympics are on. And I'm starting to look like this. Time to just Tivo tonight and watch it tomorrow.

And here is a picture of my photographer, my every-suffering Daddy. But he looks this tired all the time.

Arm Warmers - Sock Dreams
White Shirt - Faded Glory
Black Shirt - Mossimo
Black Pants - White Stag
Jewelry - Self-made


  1. i love the arm warmers!! sock dreams... do they have a website? heh, i suppose i could google them. cute pictures. :)

  2. Their website is and it is addictive!