Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blue, blue windows behind the stars

This is the sort of thing I wear to church on Sundays. Don't worry, my church doesn't require long skirts for women, or anything wack-a-doodle like that. But this pretty skirt is so long that if I wear it to work, I tend to roll my chair over it, and I would prefer not to tear it up just yet. As a concession to the cold, I wore leggings underneath, rather than tights. It turned out to be a good thing that I went with my Skechers shoes with the thick tread rather than heels. The church parking lot had big streaks of ice all over it, but I was able to keep upright AND keep my tiny mama up too. My mom has a lot of nicknames (from me): Tiny Mama, Little Mama, Little Pessimist, etc. She's not exceptionally small, just 5'1", but she's smaller than me and tends to take a pessimistic view on most things, even though she's not a bitter person. Except about Republicans. My mom curses at the screen when former prez Bush (the younger) is on the screen and tends to say he's going to hell for what he got this country into. Wow, that was a long diversion. Anywhooo, if you've noticed (as I'm sure you haven't) my hair underwent a bit of a change. I have extremely thick hair. My sister thinned it out a few weeks ago, and now it's only as thick as a normal person's hair. I think. She also added lots of random layers all over. So now I still have all the volume I had before with what Jen called my obese hair, but it's mostly controllable and fluffy around my head in a pretty way. I also think it looks sort of like a lion's mane, which fits since my sign is a Leo!

Sweater - Nicole
Skirt - Bila
Shoes - Skechers
Necklace - Self-made

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  1. the first pictures is ultra cute! i especially love your necklace. :)