Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh, What A Day Was Today...

It was snowing all day while I was working, beautiful flaky snow that wasn't sticking to the roads (which would have made everyone at work nervous about driving home). My lunch was delicious, and there weren't that many problem patrons. But then... My mom came bustling in for a meeting in the library and gave me a buck, telling me that she needed more change in the meter for her car, but she was late. So I went outside and all my trouble started. It wasn't too cold, but I hadn't put on my big boots. My tiny little gray flats got SOAKED. I did my best right up to the meter, but a puddle got me there and then I half toppled into the snow drift that was around the meter itself. SIGH.
On to the outfit. The gray sweater is Faded Glory and the skirt is White Stag. The picture doesn't show the skirt in much detail, but it's one of my favorites. It's a plain black jersey skirt, but it's cut on the bias. My mom found it on sale, and selfishly refuses to find anymore in this style. The cameo necklace is self-made, and the spoon ring is my favorite, of course. I look oddly heavier than I usually do in this picture. Hmmm. We'll blame the photographer. Bad Daddy, no dessert!

1 comment:

  1. yikes! sounds like the weather where i live (twin cities). i hate the slushy snow.
    you work at the library (obviously, heh, from your title)? that is so cool. my first job ever was at a library & i totally loved it.