Wednesday, February 17, 2010

...when the doctor calls after some routine tests

Emily Kennedy asked a very good question in a comment after my peanut butter pie post. After a very nice compliment, she asked why I live with my dad. Good question, Emily. And one that I usually address with people pretty quickly. But I got so interested in the fashion part that I forgot to do this part. First off, I technically live with my mom and dad, who are super duper cute.

But my dad is the one who takes my pictures so he gets mentioned more. My mom manages to take pictures that look like she's been partying with the Rolling Stones. I mean, I'm 28. I have a part-time job plus my etsy shop. Shouldn't I be on my own, not one of those kids in our generation that move back home? It's a two fold answer. 1. When I moved back to VA from KS, I had a HARD time getting a job. I had a great full-time job at a public library in KS (where I lived with my sister and her husband and kids) but here in VA, library positions were really, really hard to come by. So I was out of work for over half a year. But the real reason is 2. I'm an epileptic. It's mostly controlled by medication, so I haven't had a seizure in several months. But my whole family is VERY overprotective. I could, you know, drown if I had a seizure in a shower or bath, so I only shower when someone is home. (I have actually had a seizure in the shower and been dragged out by my sister and brother-in-law. Embarrassing!) I can't drive, due to a very bad accident I had in KS while having a seizure. Of course, I never really liked driving anyway, I'm pretty lazy. And once this happens to your leg, you tend to lose interest.

Walking with a cane for a few months is not as fun as House makes it look on TV. However, making shirts with my sister that say in superheroine letters Seizure Girl on the front and on the back Have you hugged an epileptic today? is in fact, super fun. But the shirt will get you strange looks in public. Except from other epileptics, who all want to know where you got it. So, I live with my parents and carpool to work with my mom. Handy, huh? My dad, mom, and sister all call me at least once a day when I'm at the house alone, just to make sure I'm still upright, because they all worry a lot (and care a lot). And I do my best to avoid setting off my seizure triggers. So, uh, have a cookie. I'm going to go make muffins, do laundry, and get ready for an interview tomorrow.


  1. Aha! Well that makes perfect sense. I've had a couple friends who were epileptics. Your poor leg! And it's pretty cool to know that you spent some time in my current state of residence. Thank you for your story Miss Lady!

  2. that is so great that your family loves you that much. i think it's awesome to be that close to them! i'm totally jealous that you get to work at a library (none of the ones in my area were hiring... oh well. i got a job anyway). good luck at your interview! :)

  3. wow... I think it's great you're so open about this... it really IS wonderfull of your family - not everyone's family is so suportive when their child has some kind of illness. a really, really good friend of mine is bulimic and her parents don't really care.. or show that they care.

    p.s hope the interview and muffins turned out well!