Wednesday, June 1, 2011

watercolor french braids

My mom calls these Queen Anne braids (which when I look up online is some super-fancy braided bun updo thing). I just refer to them as my "double" french braids. My hair is still short enough in the front to fall into my face and irritate me. And my boss now would not be cool with my little head wraps or turbans.

I got some more pretty watercolor-ish shirts similar to this today. They're my dressy t-shirts for work; just slap on a cardigan in the icy office and I'm set. Plus, they look great with flats like these, and my 5,000 pairs of black pants.

Top - Avenue
Pants - Lands End
Shoes - Mossimo

Don't forget, I'm selling a purse in this post! The red one has been claimed, but the black/blue/white one is still for sale.

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