Tuesday, June 14, 2011

raspberry delight

On our deck, in the morning, with a super cute high ponytail.

It's confession time. My legs...are tiny little stumps, not the beautiful long legs I have in my dreams. My little mama, who is three inches shorter than me has legs the same length. I have a long torso (with short little arms), so I manage to top out at 5'4", but my legs are woefully short. That's why you can only see the tip of a shoe poking out in this picture. The skirt (which I love, and is the most color popping skirt I own) is even up around my natural waist, a good 2 inches above where I choose to wear pants. My one true issue with my body is that all my appendages (legs, arms, fingers) are so short and stubby, not long and lengthy. I could deal with being short-waisted so well if I had long fingers that let me mess around on the piano better (it's not fancy playing, it's just messing around). But alas, it's my cross to bear. Even though I can't reach both ends of the metaphorical cross at the same time.

Shirt - Avenue
Skirt - Jessica London
unseen shoes - Mossimo

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