Sunday, June 19, 2011

Those 20 minutes were a scorcher

You can't tell so much by this photo, but I got a sunburn on my face and chest yesterday. We went up with my nana (and assorted family) to put flowers on her father's grave. I'm a pale person naturally, but all the medications I'm on have made me even more photosensitive. We were only out there for maybe 15-20 minutes, but I got fairly pink. Not only did I burn, but I also burned the shape of my necklace onto my chest! My dad enjoyed his Father's Day gift (first season of Justified). Of course, he's going to go MAD over his birthday present (July 14th), which is a pair of concert tickets for the two of us to see Gillian Welch. Shh, don't tell him.

Dress - Avenue

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