Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is this figure impossible?

Jen is scurrying about in the back fixing dinner. Yes, she is that tan, and I am that white.
So. I got in packages yesterday from Avenue and Simply Be. I got some good stuff and some that's going back, including two pairs of pants. See, I have an issue with pants. Or rather, my waist has an issue with pants. I have an hourglass figure. Think about Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, etc. Any pre-1960's movie-star bombshell. Big chest, small waist, big hips. Now, to get a pair of pants that fit my hips AND my waist, you would think I was asking for pants made of gold! "But, Erin, you wear pants that fit all the time." I know. And when I buy them new, they are two kinds from two companies: Denim 24/7 ponte knit bootcut pants and Avenue elastic waist poly-blend dress pants (dude, that has to be the grossest description of nice pants). Neither have pockets (not that I especially need them), and they have elastic waists. Non-elastic waists never fit. Or rather, they are way too big, and I don't feel like belting up five inches of material at my waist. I had ordered (from Avenue and Simply Be) some linen pants with elastic waists to try. But since they were not part of my ONLY PANTS THAT WILL FIT list, the hips fit, but the waists were huge. And I know I'm not the only person built like this! My sister is tiny (size 8 or so), but built on the exact same lines as me. Lots of curvy women have this same figure, but apparently plus size companies are still making (almost) all their pants for the mythical square shaped woman. This is one curvy round peg who is pissed off at the square hole.

Cardigan Shrug - Avenue
Tank - Avenue
Pants - Denim 24/7
Shoes - faux Crocs, thrifted

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