Monday, June 13, 2011

A thrifted chunk of beauty

This necklace was a pressie from my little mama, who found it in a Goodwill! I decided to treat myself today when I went shopping for my dad's Father's Day present, and I got myself a new wallet (since the old one was fraying apart at the seams) and a semi-nice ($30 skullcandy) pair of headphones (my old ones were falling apart and only one side had sound.  Yep, I'm pretty fancy...

So does everyone with a Kindle know about Lendle? It's a site where you sign up, and you can lend your kindle e-books to people and borrow other people's. You get $0.50 for every lend and when you reach $10, they email you an Amazon gift card. The lending is done through Amazon (just like when you lend an e-book to a friend), and it's completely awesome! I've lent 6 and borrowed 12 so far.

Top - Jessica London
Pants - Lands End
Shoes - Dexter

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