Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weeping Angels vs The Silence tee!

Sadly, my hair isn't quite long enough to stay in a single french braid all day. I had strands coming loose, so I had to take it down half-way through the day. But this picture is a great illustration of how thick my hair is (and what a good job my little mama does braiding my troublesome hair).

This shirt of awesomeness says:
The Greatest Intimidation Fight
*The 1st Stare Down Contest*
You forget
You die
 Most Exciting
Weeping Angel
Not on Cable
The Silence
Saturday 23rd Apr 
Direct From the Ringside At the Matrix of the Early Universe, Somewhere
The Fight May Last a Lifetime
***The Doctor Will Be Watching With You***

My dad loves this shirt, but the little mama greatly prefers my blue Who shirt. She says The Silence are too ugly to wear.  I saw my Nana today, had some delicious gas-station cappuccino, (my tastes are plebian. so what?), and we're planning on watching "The King's Speech" tonight.

Top - TeeFury
Pants - White Stag

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