Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yesterday really sucked. (In epilepsy related news)

This post's outfit is from Friday, because I never got around to posting it. I don't have pictures of yesterday's because as soon as I came home I put on jammies. And also because I had "overly medicated face". BECAUSE I HAD A FREAKING SEIZURE YESTERDAY. I had gone almost two years without a seizure, then I had one sitting at my desk at work. I came to, and I was standing up, totally confused, wearing one shoe backwards, and that sinking feeling came over me that I always get after a seizure, the one that makes me cry.

My last seizure was in August 2009, and if I hadn't had this seizure today, my neurologist would have started weaning me off one of my medications after my appointment next month. This is for a pill that I've been on since 2000, but it's no longer my main anticonvulsant, AND it's the drug is not particularly female-friendly in the long run. I take 6 prescription medications daily.

See, Gracey, visible bra strap!
On the plus side, I finally have sneakers that fit (and they're red)! I'm ready to wear them to Zumba and not have my feet hurt! I got a pair of jeans in too, but I was too exhausted to try them on. (My balance is fairly wonky afterwards, both because of the seizure and the extra medication I have to take.) And please, send good thoughts my way tomorrow, because I have a phone interview in the afternoon for a FULL-TIME position with BENEFITS. That is seriously my holy grail, the benefits part. Well, that and the fact that I wouldn't be working weekends for the first time EVER. If I do well in the phone interview, I'll get to move up to the next stage of face to fave interviews.

Shirt - Avenue from a thrift store
Pants - Denim 24/7
Shoes - those godawful Crocs that are totally uncomfy and I just need to throw out
Necklace - all me, baby!

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  1. Ugh - I'm so sorry Erin. That does totally suck. I hope you can shake it off for your interview tomorrow. Wear something that makes you feel extra special. Love you.