Friday, March 11, 2011

The spaces in between

This is one of the brand new shirts from Fashion to Figure! I didn't think this one would fit OR be attractive on me, but it was on sale (and easily returnable) so I got it anyway. And look: it's oh-so-very-pretty! It comes with a camisole lining attached, so you're nicely covered by the tank, but your arms are free in the pretty, loose knit.  Edit to say I'm officially pissed off at one of the wooden counters at work, because it picked a freaking HOLE in my brand-new shirt! Re-edit to say: okay, the shirt is really pretty, but it's picked twice big time (at least) in one day. Maybe this shirt is better for cautious people. Or maybe it needs a tighter knit.

vintage cameo necklace from a flea market
lovely dangly earrings

My hair was being a little difficult, so it got the Veronica Lake treatment again. See, I have super thick hair, but my natural part is waaay over onto the left side. So I have lots and lots of hair on one side, and just a regular amount on the other. And sometimes the regular side of hair decides that it doesn't want to have any volume whatsoever, while the super-full side has enough for an 80's metal band.  But parting it somewhere else on my head looks strange; at least to me. Hence the Veronica Lake look.

Shirt - Fashion to Figure
Pants - Denim 24/7
Shoes - a pair of Crocs that I don't really like, but it was supposed to rain today and I have no rain boots.

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