Monday, March 21, 2011

Wiggle skirt


I had a little wiggle in my walk today...This pencil skirt is from Fashion to Figure, and I made my (non-plus-size) sister so very jealous with it! It makes my (flat) butt look awesome, and my curvy hips even better. It's definitely a va-va-voom skirt.

Plus, I got the prettiest interview dress at Avenue today. (Now I just need to score an interview. Keep your fingers crossed for me!) And I got 2 pretty leather purses at TJ Maxx for $23, one red (of course) and one black.

Shirt - Fashion to Figure
Skirt - Fashion to Figure


  1. You should get more skirts like this, you look properly gorgeous in this one, it's amazing on you!

  2. Thank you so much! I had ordered another in the same style, but unfortunately it had a horrible zipper. I much prefer the elastic band waist. If I can find more, I definitely plan to buy them up in a flash!

  3. You are looking mighty cute in that.