Saturday, March 12, 2011


Dude. I managed to tie a turban on my big head all by myself. Is it not the most awesome thing ever? And aren't I the whitest person you've ever seen wearing a turban? I do have one question though: Is there some magic way to keep the flipping thing ON YOUR HEAD all day? Admittedly, I am using a scarf, and I started with damp hair. But it kept slipping back, and needing to be readjusted throughout the day. I do have a giant head, bestowed upon me by my father, who has a head like a pumpkin.

Half-way through the day, I switched to the red scarf

I went for a gypsy-style look today; all black except the red scarf and silver jewelry. I should have worn more jewelry, really piled it on for a more "gypsy" look, but the red scarf is brand new and a little fragile. After yesterday's pick-a-thon with the shirt, I'm feeling a little overprotective.

Head scarf - thrifted
Red scarf - ebay
Sweater dress - JMS
Leggings - Faded Glory


  1. Love! Can you do a tutorial? I have a small, narrow head (true story) and I can't get a turban to stay on my head for anything. I've tried several different ways to tie them, with no luck.

  2. Gracey, as soon as I figure out how to keep one on my head for more than an hour, I'll do a tutorial...but who knows how long that'll take!